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Quality Science and Maths Tuition

32 Years Combined Teaching Experience

Led by a Grammar School Teacher


Over the 25+ years we have been teaching, we have helped thousands of students improve their grades and study techniques. If you want to improve your grades and become a better learner for the long term you’ve come to the right place!

Hello, I'm Mandeep!

Grammar School Teacher

GCSE Sciences | A-Level Biology

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Over the 25 years I have been teaching I have helped thousands of students improve their grades and study techniques and I’ve seen them go onto the next stage in their education as more confident learners. I am an expert in Thinking Skills and have trained other teachers in many schools during my career. I’ve marked exam papers myself so I know exactly what the exam boards require. I teach in an exam-specific way so my students know precisely what the questions require from them and enter their exams with confidence. Join my weekly live lessons at the Science café and let’s get you that grade I know you deserve!

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BSc PGCE (Oxford University), MSc (King's College London)

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BSc First Class Hons

(University College London)

Hello, I'm Hanya!

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Medical Student

1:1 Maths | UCAT Training | Personal Statements | Medical Interviews

I have over 7 years of private tutoring experience and specialise in Maths and English to GCSE level. As a student myself, I understand how fellow students learn and am committed to making my lessons engaging and effective in getting you top grades! I’m a graduate-entry medical student who is committed to helping aspiring medics achieve their places at medical school. I use evidence-based teaching methods alongside my own notes that have helped me achieve some of the highest marks in the country in order to support my students in achieving their potential.

Recycled Paper

Up to Date Exam Board Knowledge

Face to Face + Online Tutoring Available

Medicine Interviews, UCAT, A Level + GCSE 


Committed to creating affordable lessons and seeing our students get the best grades

GCSE Maths, English & Science | A Level Biology | UCAT Training | Personal Statements | Medical Interviews. All in one place!

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Science Café



For a fraction of the price of 1:1 tutoring, our interactive group lessons give you more for your money, help to develop your exam technique and master the content. They are led by Mandeep, a science teacher with over 25 years of experience.

1:1 lessons



We can work with you 1:1 where we will effectively tailor our tuition to areas where you need help. We take the time to carefully plan each of our lessons with our students’ needs in mind so we can focus on the specific areas you’re struggling with.

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Weekly newsletter



Gaining a place at medical school is tough and with so much information out there it is hard to work out where to start. We offer a free weekly newsletter which contains lots of helpful information on current medical news, the best resources and interview tips.


To enquire further or ask specific questions, get in touch to schedule a free consultation!

“Mandeep is an excellent tutor. She is thorough and really knows her stuff! My daughter was struggling with chemistry but after being taught by Mandeep she moved to top set and now is taking it for A level. Her lessons are planned carefully. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a tutor.”


  • How are the Science Café lessons structured?
    The science lessons are live and interactive group lessons led by a qualified and experienced science teacher. The first part of the lesson is topic theory where you will be taught the topic, addressing any common misconceptions and difficulties that students make. The second part of the lesson will be going through carefully selected exam questions and discussing in detail exam technique and you will be taught how to approach different question types to get the maximum marks you can.
  • Are the live group lessons interactive?
    Yes! All of our lessons are fully interactive and engaging to make sure you get the most out of your tuition.
  • What happens if I can't make a lesson?
    All of our lessons are recorded and you will receive a link to the recording via email shortly after each lesson.
  • What happens if I don’t understand something in the lesson?
    We want to make sure you get the most out of your tuition which is why the lessons are fully interactive allowing you to ask any questions you may have. If you have questions after the lessons, you can contact the teacher via email so you have plenty of opportunity to ask any questions!
  • Where do I log on for live lessons?
    You can log on via a unique lesson link that will be emailed to you when you book.
  • Do I need a Zoom account?
    A Zoom account is not required to join Zoom meetings as a participant.
  • What happens after I subscribe to the lesson plan?
    You will gain access to the portal via the website where you can book onto the live lessons. After each lesson you will be emailed a recording of the lesson and a pack of specially selected exam questions for that topic.
  • How does the free trial work?
    The free trial is only valid with pay monthly subscriptions, not pay per lesson. Once you have signed up, you will have a 7 day free trial period in which you can book a lesson for free! Payment is taken after the 7 day free trial period has elapsed, but you can cancel anytime before this time (which you can do via the account area under 'My Subscriptions') and you will not be charged.


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