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A Level Biology Year 12- AQA

Every Saturday at 12:30pm.

About this session

Can’t make that time? Don’t worry - every lesson is recorded. The first part of the lesson will be topic theory. I will teach you the topic, addressing any misconceptions, difficulties and common mistakes that students generally make. We will then go through carefully selected exam questions, discussing in detail what examiners are looking for in your exam technique. I will teach you how to approach different types of questions to get the maximum marks you can. More lessons will be added in due course! ___________________________________________________________________________________ 11 Feb: 3.1 Biological molecules Part 1 carbohydrates and proteins and inorganic ions 18 Feb: 3.1 Biological molecules Part 2 Lipids, Water and required practicals 25 Feb: 3.1.4 Enzymes and required practicals 4 March: 3.1.5,6 Nucleic acids, ATP and DNA replication 11 March: 3.2.1 Cell Structure and required practical 18 March: 3.2.2 Mitosis and The Cell cycle and required practical 25 March: 3.2.3 Transport across cell membranes and required practicals 1 April: 3.2.4 Cell recognition and the Immune system 8 April: 3.2.4 Viruses, monoclonal antibodies and ethics 15 April : 3.3 Gas Exchange Mammals and data interpretation 22 April: 3.3 Gas Exchange Insects and fish and dicots 29 April: 3.3.3 Digestion and absorption 6 May: 3.3.4 Mass Transport The Mammalian Heart and blood vessels 13 May: 3.3.5 Mass Transport in plants 20 May: 3.4.2 Protein synthesis and mutations 27 May: 3.4.3 Meiosis and diversity

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